Meet the Fellows: Tiphereth

Tiphereth Tiphereth

Tiphereth Banks (Het-Heru), 22- from the Bay Area, attends school at Berkeley City College for a major in psychology and a minor in art, going to sessions at Downtown Tay, is a positive member of the community, and an extremely talented and artistic woman.

Conscious Nativ envisions a generation of empowered youth who have self-confidence, financial stability, and self-expression. We enable this by providing training in arts and crafts, sales, marketing, advertising, and therapeutic activities (like gardening, social groups, open mics, etc.).

Inspiration: In High School, I was doing art at a youth training program called Youth Spirit Artworks. There, I was a junior artist working closely with teenage youth, teaching them different techniques of art. I've always loved doing art, but at the training program, I realized that I love teaching and helping people as well.

Our passion behind Conscious Nativ is the observation that art is not respected as an asset to the community, and this mindset results in schools and institutions removing art programs. This also takes away the opportunity for young people to express themselves, which is very detrimental to their personal development and well being. Art can be used as an alternative to deal with their emotions in a positive way.

We will have a studio where workshops and training (for job readiness/skills on arts & crafts) will be held on a weekly basis for youth between the ages 15-24 located in the Bay Area. Conscious Nativ is a representation of an ideal humanity. The people of this land are the natives and I want to make sure they reflect consciousness for their environment and not misguided by bad influences. According to the articles published, including one in the Western Journal of Medicine, art therapy has been shown to positively impact the lives of youth at risk including their health, well-being, and their ability to express themselves emotionally.

The best way for Conscious Nativ to be able to flourish is if:

We connect with potential team mates who share and support the same vision, to take on daily tasks for the enterprise, help facilitate workshops and classes, etc. We would need links and opportunities equipment purchase/ donation opportunities, organizations that would connect us directly with youth and artists, and donors to assist me by giving the youth a bi-weekly stipend.

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