Youth HUB Fellows: Quayshawn & Malik

UR Media UR Media

Who is on your team?
QuayShawn Presley, 23
Malik Hardcastle, 22

Where are you from?
Q - Oakland. Graduate of Central State University. United Roots & DetermiNation Media Group.
Malik - Oakland, SAE. United Roots & DetermiNation Media Group.

What will your enterprise do?
United Roots Media Enterprise is a media company that uses emerging technologies to provide media production and design services. By educating and employing young artists of color we advance personal well-being, community economic development and cultural equity.

What inspired you to create this enterprise? Why is this issue important to you?
There is a lack in the amount of socially impactful media created. With such a high degree of influence media has, it is important to be conscious of the content we consume. UR Media will provide opportunities for youth to create and change the perceptions of people of color in media.

How will you know that your enterprise is successful?
UR Media will know it's success by the amount of independent contractors we can employ. The impact of our work will be measured by the amount of socially impactful projects we complete.

How can people support your enterprise or get involved with your work?
People can support our enterprise by referrals and resources. We welcome supporters and potential partners to contact us or stop by United Roots in Oakland.