Oakland Makers 2015

Oakland Makers Oakland Makers

On May 6, 2015 the City of Oakland along with Oakland Makers hosted “Oakland Makers Day: A day of community building, resource-sharing, strategizing, training and inspiration!” Youth Impact Hub Fellows, Linda Sanchez of Fureza Indigena and Daisy Ozim of Resilient Wellness & 13th Goddess, where among the young makers that spoke on a panel called, “Youth Makers Showcase & Discussion.” The panel was moderated by Youth SEED’s aManda Greene and was joined by Kristi Holohan from Rock Paper Collective and a few of her young artisans. Aside from bringing a younger demographic to the Maker conversation, the panel also represented a larger diversity typically seen in the emerging maker space. Our makers made sure to bring up the important point that while the Maker Space is a growing movement, we must remember that is it a lifestyle rooted in traditional knowledge and ways of being. We are very grateful to the organizers for including youth makers on this special day!