Youth HUB Fellows: Roy & Shayne

Roy & Shayne (Center & Left) Roy & Shayne (Center & Left)

MERCER consists of four core people (2 are involved in the fellowship):

  1. Roy Terry (LEO), 23 - from Oakland Ca, attends school at Chabot College for business, entrepreneurship, music, and fire technology. Works with many organizations, highlighting the REACH Ashland Youth Center, and Soulciety.
  2. Shayne Johnson (Dymnd Jxhnny), 21 - from Ashland Ca, a small area outside of San Leandro Ca, is not currently in school right now, but is currently a semi-pro football athlete with the California Developmental Football League (CDFL).
  3. Lamont Thompson (Cap Fitted), 23
  4. Zollie Fears (Fearoah), 21

MERCER envisions a generation of youth with social understanding, critical thinking, and self-expression. We will make that happen by providing art and resources to youth who don’t have access.

Inspiration: In high school, me and a group of my friends formed this group after watching a very inspiring movie called “Four Brothers”. In the movie, there are four brothers (2 black and 2 white) who went around Detroit to look for the murderer of their mother (who is white). During interrogation, they introduced themselves as brothers, regardless of how people opposed. We took that idea and grabbed their last name, too! (i.e. the MERCER Brothers) We carried the idea into the vision of our business, which is inclusivity and self-expression.

Our passion behind MERCER is the observation that youth are not receiving enough information through media from Hip Hop. Hip Hop can be argued as a great cause for a lot of the problems in at-risk communities. The music we listen to heavily influences us, and the majority of hip hop music is negative. While we can’t completely turn around the way people think about positive or conscious music, we are going to provoke the minds of many to not just look at Hip Hop as a Lucrative movement, but a culture of community for ALL

We will host some of the biggest, quarterly, positive shows in the bay area! We will have youth between the ages of 18-24 listening, consuming, and BRANDING the MERCER idea. We want to create civil citizens, AND creative citizens. Hip Hop elders, and persons outside of the Hip Hop genre will look differently toward the typical Hip Hopper not as a negative degenerate, but a soul who has a clean start and infinite potential to be successful.

The best way for MERCER to be able to flourish is if:

  1. We can be connected to youth who share the same vision and are looking for a team to grind with
  2. Our current Youth HUB fellows and mentors connect us to their venue opportunities, equipment purchase opportunities, and opportunities to turn our material into a curriculum.
  3. Connect us with people who do not wish to be artists (for administration purposes)
  4. Connect us with people who do wish to be an artist (for promotional purposes)
  5. Help brand the MERCER name!