Youth HUB Fellows: Ajman

Ajman (far right) Ajman (far right)

Team members:

Ajman Thrower 22
Corey Holcomb 22

We all represent Oakland, Ca. We thank United Roots and Urban Peace Movement for being a hub for us to meet and develop our idea.

8FT. Tall is a gorilla marketing, street and social media promotion company based in Oakland, Ca. Our mission is to provide quality professional promotions and artistic services that will allow our clients to reach a broader audience and increase brand awareness. We aim to give voice to ideas, organizations, music, and stories while having the skill to derive value, monetary and otherwise, from the sharing of those stories.

I have always been inspired by those with a dynamic story. My aunt is a hero of mine. She came from Louisiana to West Oakland. Her journey of ups and downs gave her the passion to become a nurse and help those who need it. This story like many others in my community are commonplace. Struggle pushes people to extremes. In my aunt's case, her story was of struggle, success and triumph and she now has stories that spill out of her when we talk. People's ideas are valuable and usually are fueled by their experiences. A lot of times we keep our stories hidden out of embarrassment. I want to help spread those incredible stories in whatever form they come: through music, a business plan, a painting; it all comes from the deepest part of our selves.

Oakland is a historic city, full of culture and revolution. Oakland is now known, by mostly outsiders, as a city full of violence and degenerate youth.
We'll know our enterprise is working when the positivity that 8ft. Tall contributes to the city, is as synonymous with the city of Oakland as is the violence that is continually perpetuated.

Anyone with who wants to help us can donate funds or time to promote a business, volunteer at our Oakland festival, or help advertise us.