Youth Hub Fellows: Isaiah

Youth HUB Fellows: Isaiah Youth HUB Fellows: Isaiah

My name is Isaiah Teague and I am 22 years old. I am originally from Fresno, but I was raised in Oakland where I graduated from Castlemont High School. I do volunteer work with two non-profits in the East Oakland community, which are Youth UpRising and East Oakland Youth Development Center.

gODDli is a worker-owned cooperative selling eco-friendly apparel designed with positive and inspirational messages. My mission is to spiritually awaken people in oppressed communities. My vision is that people globally will have a new way of thinking in which they would understand the importance of consciousness and a green sustainable world. I plan to use gODDli as a vehicle to train and educate youth on spiritual knowledge, digital art literacy, and the tools it takes to start and run a business like gODDli. This non-profit arm of the company will fund a "Reprogramming Boot Camp" so that youth can learn new habits and skills, and break the cycles of addiction and violence.

The idea of gODDli emerged when I was yearning for a positive change in myself and started reading the bible looking for inspiration. I was intrigued when I came across a scripture that talked about being a “godly person.” I felt astonished and captivated by the word “Godly.” The word stirred something in me, and it was at that time I decided to create fashion designs that were in Godly essence.

I had already been making my own rebel fashion designs, but now I started dreaming of a clothing line that would inspire people to become better individuals. So many of us are judged by how we look, and that includes what we wear. So many of us are treated as outcasts because of societal stereotypes. I have rediscovered hidden spiritual knowledge that brings meaning to my life. I hope for others to have the same kind of awakenings. I hope to open people’s minds to a new truth and nudge them to think positively different.

I know gODDli will be successful when I see people in my communities transforming their lives in a positive way as a result of gODDli’s efforts.

My work is going to be in need of support. You can support me by providing resources to graphic designers, fashion designers, event coordinators, eco-friendly apparel manufacturers, spiritual leaders, and general feedback.
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