Youth HUB Fellows: Daisy Ozim

Daisy- Resilient Wellness Daisy- Resilient Wellness

My name is Daisy Ozim, creator of Resilient Wellness a health education program for communities of color and founder of 13th goodess, an environmentally friendly shoe line catering to womyn with longer soles. I am originally from Hayward, I go to San Francisco State University and will soon graduate with a Bachelors in Public Health. My enterprise will teach communities how to apply holistic health which is really indigenous health to their minds, bodies and spirits for maximum transformation. I am personally passionate about this issue because I see the effects that the legeacy of colonialism and slavery has on the minds of peoples of color globally. Though I am just one person, I can begin to work within my community to address the mental health issues I see. To avoid the non-profit industrial system, I am utilizing my shoe line as a primary source of revenue. I will know that my enterprise is successful by the number of individuals I reach and by utilizing the Transtheoretical Model (theory of change) I can track the behavior change of my participants overtime.

My work is going to be in need of support. You can support me by providing resources for shoe making and recycled raw material, providing feedback on curriculum, referring me to agencies where I can facilitate curriculum and providing donations.

Thank you.

Daisy Ozim, Founder Resilient Wellness IG:ResilientWellnessThrift Fb:Resilient Wellness